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Set Lunch Menu

Lunch is sorted on Thursdays and Fridays, with our new 2 course set lunch menu for £20.

For those on the go, our popular take-away menu is available on Thursday, Friday and Saturdays!

Our much loved toasties will return, along with fritters, salads and chouxnuts. We’ll also have some poochy treats on hand for our furry friends of course!


Tempura spring onions, tomato emulsion* (Mu)

Salt & pepper cod cheeks, pickled rhubarb, buttermilk (F, D, Mu)


Veal & ‘nduja dumplings, rich pork broth, spring veg (G)

Miso roasted cabbage, miso aioli, pickled kale stem, seeds* (S)

served with

Marinated Isle of Wight tomatoes, chickpea & shallot salad*

This is a sample menu and subject to change



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